About us

The Glittering Fox is all about supporting indies and creatives of all kinds.

We write reviews, help with promo, find great indie authors and try our best to connect them with readers trying to find them. We collect as many resources as we think indies would need and list them in one place, and we’re always on the look out for new talent trying to get their feet wet.

We know accessibility makes things hard for indie authors, especially marginalized ones, and we try to make it as easy for them to launch their masterpieces as possible.

Promotion can be the hardest part of publishing for authors that have to do it all themselves. So we’re always looking for indie authors to feature and work with. We’re interested in ARCs, cover reveals, author interviews, and more.

To get readers involved, we even have plans for readathons, best lists, and other fantastic events anyone can participate in. All surrounding indies and underrated reads, of course.

Great talent doesn’t have an expiration date. So any authors with releases several of years old are especially welcome as well. Debuting is tough because you’re just starting out. But so is the long haul.

It’s not that we’re completely turning traditionally published books away. We’d love to host author interviews, cover reveals, and reviews. And we definitely will, on occasion, especially for marginalized authors. But our focus will be indie and little-known authors. It can be so hard for indie authors to be given a chance, so it’s our priority to help the diamonds in the rough get the visibility they deserve.