Glittering Fox’s Most Exciting Indie Book Releases of 2021!

Note: As this site was established in late January, we didn’t get the chance to properly make a “Most Exciting Releases of 2021” post before February. So, with the intention to continue the focus on Black authors this month, we’ll be listing other authors as well, but Black authors and books will be listed first.

Welcome to the Glittering Fox’s Most Exciting Indie Book Releases of 2021! Traditionally published authors often make these lists, but indie authors rarely, if ever, do. So the Glittering Fox makes its own, annually. And, as many indie authors only release information closer to their actual release date, we’ll likely make these lists at least twice a year. Once in the beginning of the first quarter, and again in the beginning of the third. That will most likely better cover releases spanning over the year.

Of course, this list isn’t complete, and as the years go by, we hope for our reach to expand to more indie authors to include. And, as we mentioned, as we’ll make these lists at least twice a year, if you’re an indie author with a release this year and you weren’t included, email us through our contact us page! We’ll keep you in mind for the next round.

Some of these books are the newest edition in a series, so if you haven’t read their predecessors, be sure to check them out! Amazon always has an author page for you to see an author’s previous works, so be sure to check them if Amazon links are included in the post.

Without further ado, here are the most exciting indie book releases of this year.

Black Authors

Across the Broken Tide by Lakase Cousino

Genre: Fantasy/YA

Release date: June 1st

Rep: Black

Born in the sands, unmade in the seas.

In a world where the politics of court determines the future of every person in the kingdom, Dima has maneuvered her way not only into the good graces of the caliph as a tutor for his daughters, but into the heart of his son. However, when a prank goes a step too far, the childhood friends are separated in an effort to force them to grow into the people they are expected to become.

When a simple journey turns into a kidnapping, Dima is thrust into a strange land and must rely on a dark magical power that had been long buried in the sands of her home. But as her magic grows stronger and the tides of her new home rise, so do her darker temptations. 

Caught between her heart and her magic, she finds herself struggling to choose who she will become. Through interactions with vikings, pirates, magical creatures who only speak in riddles, and forces hellbent on controlling everything she holds dear, Dima must discover who she is beyond the politics of the royal court.

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Vanishing Girls by Callie Browning

Genre: Mystery/A

Rep: Black, Caribbean

Release Date: March 23rd


Holden Davis has enough problems: mounting debt, a lifelong feud with his brother and his father’s legacy to live up to. If he’s honest with himself, he’ll admit that hiring an assistant in the dead of night probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do either. But life gets more complex when his funeral home has to process the bodies left behind by a serial killer. The bodies start to mount up, but the clues don’t. With no leads, the police are helpless and citizens live in fear as the killer ravages the country. Holden soon finds out that the victims’ bodies have all the evidence he needs to lead him to the killer.

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Rising by Celeste Harte

Genre: Fantasy, Scifi/NA

Rep: Black

Release date: May 4th


Kahmel and Jashi don’t have much time to win over their people by finding the remaining three Dragon Kings and having a fighting chance against the Zendaalans when they go to war. The Courts and the Equalizers are getting tired of warning them against their brazen attitudes, and warnings may soon turn to very real threats. Jashi is still getting used to her role as Faresha and rebel member, and it doesn’t help that Kahmel has been as distant as ever since they found the first Dragon King. She’s worried it’s because of a gap of trust. She’s hoping to prove her worth both to the country and herself by doing her part in the research of the dragons and bettering herself as a dragon rider by researching something called the “Drake Bond”. But she can’t fight the feeling that it won’t be enough.

Fairy Tales of the FYP by Jessica Cage

Genre: Fantasy, short stories

Rep: Black

Release date: May 5

The choices of one will twist the fates of countless others. Escape into stories of magic and wonder that weave together the lives of five very special beings. In this world, demons will fall, wolves will rise, and the waters will prove one of the most dangerous places to be. Fairytales of the FYP is a collection of short stories written by USA Today Bestselling Author, Jessica Cage

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The Crown of Eden by Storm Song

Genre: Romance, erotica, fantasy

Release date: May 10

Rep: (yet to be announced)

A Reverse Harem Romance (Elemental Eden Book 4)

(Blurb TBA)

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Keeping Promises by Chelsea Lockhart

Genre: Romance/A

Rep: Black

Release date: November 30th

Love should have been enough.

Jason and Kamry met in the second grade. They were best friends who did everything together, so it was inevitable that they fell in love. And in any other lifetime, they would have ended up together – lived a happy life and stayed together forever – but that’s not how their story went.

At least, it didn’t the first time around.

It’s been five years since they’ve laid eyes on each other and the feelings that should have faded with time are still just as strong as they were the day they first kissed – but they aren’t kids anymore. Experience and caution have replaced recklessness and naivety. They’re different people now, but time has a way of putting things into perspective. Even though Jason wants nothing more than a second chance at keeping the promises he made to Kamry when they were kids, Kamry knows the truth – some promises are just too hard to keep.

Love, Lies, and Pleasure by Kai Leakes

Genre: Erotic Romace

Rep: Black

Release date: Feb 14th

New beginnings can be a spark that ignites a flame that blazes.

In the world of the Brothers of Kemet, CEO Kwame Hughes has followed the spark of making sure women ‘Be Okay’ in his life. But it is his chance encounter with Karma Asante who now lives with him, which ultimately brings a special life-changing type of karma into his life. The intimate connection between the pair begins to unravel with unfinished threats, secrets, lies, and truths around Kwame’s salacious foundation of B.O.K.- who are elite escorts in the city of Atlanta.

Having had her world dismantled, home and job lost with her money dwindling due to her ex’s lies and growing drama, Karma hates liars. But working for Atlanta’s highly desired businessman and sexy widower has ignited a spark in her that she wasn’t expecting. Her views about love, trust, and pleasure soon waiver due to the alluring lothario she’s employed by. But will Kwame’s lies keep them from trusting in each other’s passionate pleasure and connecting love, or keep them apart?

Return to the final beginnings of the Brothers of Kemet in this sensual and passionate story of Love, Lies, and Pleasure by award-nominated author Kai Leakes.

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The Rail Heist by Blair Cousins

Genre: Sci-fi

Rep: Black

Release date: Jan 30

Junior Cadet Ester DuTain is well into her third year at her planet’s most prestigious military academy, The Rean Coalition of Rangers. After a rocky start and more action than Ester could have ever wished for, Ester is settling into the cadet life quite nicely.

However, deep in the Great Adum-La Desert, a string of seemingly benign hijackings are taking place aboard the desert hover rails. The culprits, a mysterious group of bandits, not from Ester’s world, are on the hunt for something. But what? Ester’s field training team is assigned the case, making this the team’s first real mission.

But what starts off as a routine mission quickly turns into a high stakes rail heist against a new enemy whose power rivals the Ranger elite. Caught in the crossfire Ester must contend with the enemy in the desert as well as haunting new revelations about her past. New revelations that could threaten everything she’s worked hard to gain.

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Non-Black authors

Fly With Me by Julie Hahn

Genre: Contemporary

Release date: March 30


Jessa Newberry desperately wants to fit in with the popular girls but on the first day of school she makes a fool of herself in front of the whole class. On top of that, she’s having these strange dreams about Sidney, a friend she hasn’t seen since kindergarten. Together in the dreams they fly around Dreamland, a magical world with ice-cream trees and cotton candy clouds. When Jessa meets Sidney in real life at a cancer fun run, she discovers that Sidney is having the exact same dreams. When Jessa is diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and her friends from school stop talking to her, Dreamland becomes the place she wants to be, and Sidney becomes the best friend she’s always needed. But Dreamland is in danger. The ice-cream trees are melting, the candy has gone rotten, and children are disappearing. Even Sidney has gone missing. Can Jessa save both her friend and the haven she has grown to love?

Constantine Capers: The Pennington Perplexity by Natalie Brianne

Genre: Mystery


You wouldn’t expect a detective with Sherlockian deductive skills to have amnesia, but Byron Constantine is hardly the detective you’d expect.

London 1888

Aspiring artist Mira Blayse isn’t concerned with upper-tier society or conforming to Victorian expectations—she has a murder to solve. At least, she thinks it was murder. Her parents’ deaths in 1870 couldn’t have been by accident, but the more she investigates, the less she seems to find. Sitting at a café, she sketches a mysterious stranger, not realizing that she’s penciling in the features of the man who will help her solve the case once and for all.

Byron Constantine lives day-to-day, desperately trying to hold onto his memories, only for them to slip through his fingers. Some days, he doesn’t even know that he’s lost four years of his life. As he manages to continue his work as a private detective, he realizes that maybe he doesn’t need his memory after all. That is until he wants to remember Mira Blayse.

With her keen eye for detail and his remarkable deductive skills, the two become entangled in a criminal investigation. As they uncover the secrets of the past, they must work together to stop history from repeating itself again.

(cover TBA)

Crowning Essence by Sahira Javaid

Genre: Fantasy

Rep: Muslim

Release date: TBA

Nezha successfully restored the angel’s soul. Despite that, Noorenia’s life force continues to dwindle as winter’s teeth sink into the land and the angel’s body remains lost.

Now she needs to find other jawhars, who like her can control the elements.

Nezha and the others are led to the city of Veer where jawhars are mere performers, magic is illicit entertainment and the water jawhar Amaya, under the control of the evil jinni Lexa—wreaks bloody havoc. If Nezha wants to keep Noorenia from falling apart, she needs to get the other jawhars to join her quest and find the angel’s body.

Not only must they face Lexa’s corrupting magic, but their own inner demons.

Then, tragedy befalls the city, testing Nezha with loss and as she struggles to hold onto what’s dear to her, she will be forced to sacrifice—and what—if she wants to keep the world of Noorenia from falling.

A breathtaking tale, Crowning Essence is the dark and dangerous sequel to Crowning Soul.

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