5 Indie Black Romances to Read this Month

It’s the season of love, and if you’re looking for a cozy romance or a spicy erotica to cuddle up with this Valentine’s day and support an indie author, we got you covered. Here are 5 Black indie romances to start with.

Love Lost by Porsha Deun

The one that got away. That’s what Alise hoped went through Jaylen’s head whenever he thought about her. Years after he broke her heart, Alise still wanted him back in every way, or at least she thinks she does. Alise is sent on an emotional whirlwind when she finds out that Jaylen wants her back too.

Trust issues, insecurities, and past hurts are all hurdles Alise and Jaylen know they will have to work through. What they weren’t expecting was the number of people willing to do whatever it takes to tear them apart, especially one from within Alise’s inner circle.

What is Alise willing to lose in order to have the love she’s always wanted?

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Scandalous by Nikki-Michelle

Now, before you get to thinking you’re about to get an entrée, I must warn you, this is only an appetizer. My services aren’t free, and my skill and reputation tend to speak for themselves. Don’t be mad at me. Be mad at the game. I know the way I’m speaking may give some pause, as I’m a successful criminal defense attorney, but a part of my charm is that I can become a chameleon in any environment.

Am I coming off too arrogant? Cocky even? Probably, but if I don’t believe in me, who will? This will be only a glimpse into my life. I’ll make it quick and easy for you. I’ll also introduce you to my identical twin brother and a few of my favorite clients. I’ll show you some of my most intimate moments and allow you to read my hidden secrets. Just when you desire to know what happens next, I’ll pull out and leave you begging for more.

Welcome to the Gentlemen’s Club…where no woman leaves unsatisfied…

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Love, Trust, & Pleasure by Kai Leakes

In the magnetic world of Atlanta, there is a secret shared between women who want to forgo love and their everyday reality.

Pleasure, sex, and sensual associations guide these women to a special enigmatic foundation of men known to tailor to their wildest desires: The Brothers of Kemet. At the head of B.O.K is president, Kwame Hughes, one of Atlanta’s sexiest men and a wealthy bachelor who happens to not trust in love, since the tragic loss of his wife. His needs are masked in the desire to make sure every woman he is with will ‘be okay’. When his personal mantra leads him to cross paths with the alluring Karma Assante who has something no other woman has had since his wife: his attention, the question of love will change his mantra from ‘being okay’ to ‘trust in me.’

Karma Assante’s life just hit a huge whirlwind. One that has made her trust in love falter. When a chance encounter introduces her to Kwame, all Karma wants is to do her job, not put her trust in failure again or fall for a man who takes her breath away.

Join the passionate beginnings of the Brothers of Kemet, Karma, and Kwame in Love, Trust, and Pleasure by award-nominated author Kai Leakes.

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The Maid by Shantel Davis

Seth, married and miserable.

Simone, the young maid working her way through law school.

What happens when their worlds collide?


Trigger warning.

Emotional, financial and physical abuse.

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Addict by Porsha Deun

Destiny has no shame when it comes to her sex life. In fact, she’d much rather have sex than love any day. That’s why she created what she calls her magic dick team. Life was good just the way it was…

Until it wasn’t.

Destiny was more than unhappy when a member of her team decided to jump ship for love. She’s determined to keep her team intact at all costs and take down anyone that gets in her way.

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