Celebrating the Opening of the Melanin Library!

When we’re asking for Black representation in books and for more Black authors to tell the stories, we’re also looking for exposure for the ones that are already here. Because in reality, there are a lot of them. But lack of accessibility to good marketing resources makes them as good as invisible.

This is one of the biggest reasons Glittering Fox Reads was created, and why we’re ecstatic for the release of the Melanin Library, listing all of the Black books you could never find.

Book bloggers, if you’re looking to add more Black authors to your reading list, you need to be paying close attention to this! The Library will be added to over time. It’s ever-expanding, full of life and color, made by and for Black people.

“It’s a living database of books by Black authors in all genres. It has open submissions so that it can constantly be growing and will also house the blog for Melanin Ink | The Bookish Magazine — a platform to promote Black authors, share book reviews, and more.”

Founder, Chelsea Lockhart

We believe that the Melanin Library and Glittering Fox Reads shares the same ambitions at heart. With its launch today, we hope the writing community shares in our enthusiasm to see its success. Check it out here, and just look at how beautiful the site looks:


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