Being Listed on GFR

If you’re looking to be listed on Glittering Fox Reads, there’s a few things you need to know first.

We’re looking to list quality options, but indie authors are also looking for affordability, so we’re very open to beginners looking to get experience. But you have to be upfront. Let us know that you’re a beginner, and if you have any references, like work you’ve done in the past (or a portfolio if you’re an artist) include that in the email as well.

And you don’t have to stick around! If you want us to take down the link to your profile, just let us know and we’ll do so right away. We’re mainly here to help indie authors, but we want to help beginning illustrators, editors, and beta readers as well. Everyone has to start somewhere, and chances are indies will be willing to let you grow with them as they grow with you.

If we decide that you may not be a good fit for the authors coming to our page, we may not include you in the listing.

It’s all about community here. Everyone wants to grow and get better. They just need to be given the chance to do so.

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